5 - I. Crisis Chapters in Huck Finn (ch 16 and 17) 1....

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I. Crisis Chapters in Huck Finn (ch 16 and 17) 1. Poe-like Sensibility; Philosophical Crisis 2. Political Crisis 3. Authorial Crisis 4. More Crisis II. Critique of North and South A. South 1. Critique of Southern Nostalgia 2. Southern “aristocracy” (an ideology) 3. Southern violence (lynching B. North 1. As imperialist 2. As undemocratic III. The Ending/Crisis 1. Historical Context: Compromise of 1877 -End of Reconstruction 2. The enduring meaning of slavery p. 60-61 crucial chapter where they miss the turn off in the city of Cairo -novel’s investment in a Poe like philosophy “WE judged that 3 night more would fetch us to cairo, we would sell the raft and go….out of trouble…I got to set still and float…but it was going ahead all the time…if that was anyone’s but Jims raft” -this moment was all about confusion -trying to tie the line to a the sandbar but it is so foggy and he is unable to tie it to the tree and the raft disappears -blinded by white fog -thinks he is going to find Jim but hears a lot of noises -“In white fog things don’t sound natural” -he feels so lonely like Poe’s poem, alone -p. 62 “If you think it ain’t dismal alone out in the fog like that” -repeated mentions throughout book of being alone -sublime depiction of nature, it is not your friend. p. 2 or 3 “he hears owl sound like death and is alone” -things were going so well on the raft but complicated by a solid white fog, white blindness -it breaks up the relationship between Huck and Jim -Huck and Jim get back together but Huck plays a cruel trick and says its all made up -very end of chapter (15 or 16) p. 65, “I wouldn’t have done that one if I knew it would make him feel so bad. -true tension of this chapter is that the linear possibilities of evolving realities is missed
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-it is an optimistic book about a positive vision of American but after the fog incident everything changes. -there is no way out when going south down the river
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5 - I. Crisis Chapters in Huck Finn (ch 16 and 17) 1....

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