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22 - world The representation is considered a work in...

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Primitive Materials -Stone -Clay -Obsidian: volcanic glass, amorphous -Flint: type of silicate, crystalline (but with very small crystals, a very fine crystalline structure) -Obsidian and Flint are easy to shape and to form a sharp edge by fracturing and chipping -atomic: crystalline, amorphous amorphous- atoms do not have regular order in the material crystalline-atoms are structured -Obsidian and Flint are type of Stone Clay -believed the first firing of clay was about 26000 years ago -Transformation of clay up on firing; firing involves heating to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for hours -dries out the clay -harder -surface change -brittle -significant material transformation -irreversible -fired clay is suitable material for new applications -first man made material -first recorded written language was on clay Clay Structure -lamellae: sheet or plate like shape. -Alumina silicate plates The Scientific Method The scientific method is the process by which scientists construct a representation of the
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Unformatted text preview: world. The representation is considered a work in progress that is never finished and it is a collective process. It is a work in progress because scientists understand that cultural personal views and the current state of knowledge will influence the representation that is constructed. The scientific method attempts to minimize these influences. It is collective because of the representation or theory need to be tested as new information and knowledge becomes available. Four steps 1. observation and describiton 2. from hypothesis 3. use hypothesis 4. verification by experimental tests of the predictions by independent, unbiased scientists-when scientists say something is possible they are usually right, if they say it is impossible they are probably wrong-the only way to discover limits of possible is to go past them to the impossible-any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic...
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  • Spring '10
  • sufficiently advanced technology, clay structure, -Alumina silicate plates, -significant material transformation, cultural personal views

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22 - world The representation is considered a work in...

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