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Lewis Calem ENMA150- Sec 0102 October 3, 2011 Lecture Notes Mechanical Properties - Focus on metals initially, but mechanical properties apply equally to metals, polymers, and ceramics o Metals most important structural material historically Have transformed society through their use as building materials for skyscrapers, ships, airplanes, etc. These uses are dependent on the superior mechanical properties of metals Mechanical property response of material to an applied force 3 types of deformation Elastic- deformation is reversible Plastic- deformation is not reversible; permanent change in shape Fracture- material breaks
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Unformatted text preview: • Force and Stress-Force= mass x acceleration o Acceleration- change in velocity over time o Velocity= distance/time=meters/second= m/s o Acceleration = (distance/time)/time = meters/(second)(second)=m/s^2 o Stress force per unity area—normalizes the force to a quantity Stress that allows comparison between different materials and different size/ shape of materials Unit of stress- Pascal=kg x m/m^2 sec^2-Stiffness- measure of the load required to produce a particular elastic deformation o Stiffness= load/deformation material property Young’s (Tensile) Modulus-Deformation- strain...
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