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Stefan Leon September 11, 2011 ENMA 150 I completed the survey. Thank you for completing the Marquee Course Survey!” An example of an important issue about a material would the use of Lead, specifically in paint. Recently there has been a lot of controversy in the news concerning the importation of children’s toys from countries in Asia that are tainted with lead paint. America has done an excellent job in eliminating the use of lead paint in new products and made attempts to remove it from older homes and products.
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Unformatted text preview: It is a major health hazard to all people but especially to children. Children who come in contact with lead paint can suffer from kidney failure and delayed development. Lead paint has a sweet flavor that makes it very enticing for children to eat especially if their toys are covered in it. Clearly in this situation using lead in paint is not a good decision. In order to help protect children from this dangerous substance there should be a worldwide ban on lead paint....
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