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materials project 1 - Stefan Leon Professor Briber ENMA150...

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Stefan Leon Professor Briber ENMA150 September 24, 2011 Materials Project 1 To start the experiment I carefully straightened out the shape memory paper clip and with my hair dryer plugged into the wall directed its heat towards the paper clip. The first part of the experiment was to use the hair dryer four times on its high setting and see how it reacted with the paper clip. Each of the attempts yielded the same results the paper clip transformed with the heat from a straight line into its original paper clip shape. The second part of the experiment was to switch the hair dryer from its high setting to its low setting, or use hot water if the hair dryer does not have a low setting. Luckily for me the hair dryer had a low setting but I was surprised with the results from using the low setting. I had carefully straightened out the paper clip just as I had done before but when I turned on the hair dryer nothing happened. It was blowing directly on the paper clip but nothing was happening, it remained a straight line. I repeated the process one more time but to no avail, nothing was going to change. At this point my paper clip was showing some signs of wear from this experiment. As much as I had tried to carefully straighten out after each fold it still was not in near the condition as when I started. This is to be expected though after the heating and abuse it took. If this experiment has called for a sturdier object it would have held up better but then it again it would probably require a larger heat source to have it react. The reason this experiment is possible is because the paperclip was made out of an alloy Nitinol. Nitinol is a titanium nickel alloy composed of approximately 50% titanium and 50% nickel and the behavior of the alloy is driven by low temperature and high temperature phases. When under the high heat of the hair dryer Nitinol goes into its austenite phase and assumes a cubic crystal structure. When not in the parent phase it is in its martensite phase which occurs while under cooler temperatures. The martensite phase is considered to be a more complicated and monoclinic crystal structure. Nitinol is easily able to transform from the martensite to the
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materials project 1 - Stefan Leon Professor Briber ENMA150...

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