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Lightning - Developing Lightning Safety Action Plans for...

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Developing Lightning Safety Action Plans for Outdoor Workers According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman Oklahoma, lightning is "the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazard that most people experience each year. It is the second most frequent killer in the United States with nearly 100 deaths and 500 injuries each year," second only to floods and flash floods. In the list of lightning casualties, New York ranks sixth among the fifty states (see table below). U.S. Lightning Casualties, 1960-1999 Deaths Injuries Total Florida 384 1444 1828 Michigan 94 644 738 North Carolina 170 559 729 Pennsylvania 103 578 681 Ohio 129 497 626 New York 117 491 608 Texas 169 410 579 Colorado 110 379 489 Tennessee 120 360 480 Georgia 84 356 440 Source: Ojala and Ferrett, "Catastrophic Lightning," 2001. The Management Association of Pine Valley encourages member companies to provide their outdoor workers with an action plan for dealing with potentially hazardous storms. Components of Lightning Action Plan A lightning action plan should be implemented for outdoor workers. Among the most frequent
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