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Kevin Cuddihy Tinglin Liu Javascript 2 3/25/11 1. Start 2. Input customer name. Store as name. 3. Input product name. Store as product. 4. Input quantity. Store as quantity. 5. Confirm purchase. [name] you ordered [quantity] of [product]. Is this correct?” 6. If no, print “Refresh the page to reload and place a new order.” Go to step 11. 7. If yes, confirm [product] is a valid product.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. If[product] is valid, calculate receipt. (quantity*price), store as Final Cost and print to screen. 9. Print out Receipt with message: “Your order for [quantity] of [product] has been received. The total is [Final Cost]” 10. If [product] is not a valid product, print “ Product invalid” and go to step 11 11. End...
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