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algorithmjava3 - (quantity*price store as Final Cost and...

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Kevin Cuddihy Tinglin Liu Javascript 3 4/8/11 1. Start 2. Input customer name. Store as name. 3. Input product name. Store as product. 4. Input quantity. Store as quantity. 5. Confirm purchase. [name] you ordered [quantity] of [product]. Is this correct?” 6. If no, print “Refresh the page to reload and place a new order.” Go to step 11. 7. If yes, confirm [product] is a valid product. 8. If[product] is valid, calculate receipt.
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Unformatted text preview: (quantity*price), store as Final Cost and print to screen. 9. Ask user if they want to continue. 10. If yes, go to step 3. 11. If no, go to step 12. 12. Print out Receipt with message: “Your order for [quantity] of [product] has been received. The total is [Final Cost]” 13. If [product] is not a valid product, print “ Product invalid” and go to step 11 14. End...
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