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KATO Corporate Security The Leader in Corporate Security Now Available: Armed Chauffers KATO Security was created in 2001 and since then has been the top private security provider in the Tri-State area. With a variety of security packages, ranging from platinum, gold, and basic, KATO Corporate Security is able to cater to your company's needs. Platinum The Platinum package is our best security package. This pacakge includes transportation, computer protection, building security, and lasers, motion sensors, temperature control to monitor the building after office hours. For transportation, we use armored SUVs to transport you and your associates to various locales. The computer security we offer is top notch and is able to easily detect any intruders and malware and remove them. The building security offered in this package is the best money can buy. The building security contains: armed security guards patrolling the building 24/7, security cameras positioned inside and outside the building to monitor all associates, clients, and visitors, and lasers,
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katocorporatesecurityfinal (1) - KATO Corporate Security...

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