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Denny Chapter 1 Old Kingdom- 3000-2200 BCE. The pyramid age, during which most of the characteristic institutions and concepts pertaining to Egyptian civilization were begun and perfected. Osiris- Egyptian god of the afterlife, dead, and underworld. Isis- Wife of Osiris, worshipped as ideal mother and wife and the matron of nature and magic. Ma’at- Goddess of truth, balance, and order. Topocosm- The harmonious interrelationship of the individual, society, time and location centered in the agricultural-seasonal cycle. It is a union between place and world structure. Gilgamesh- Found out death was the fate of all mortals and that the best that one can do is to surrener fatalistically to death as the final fact, this view was shared by the pre-islamic Arabians. Ethical Monotheism- God is just and good and requires righteous behavior from his creatures. Chapter 2 Arabian Peninsula- “island of the Arabs” it is over one million square miles in area and most of the terrain is inhospitable desert or marginally habitable steppe. The pop is proportionally sparse.
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