french rev - Kevin Cuddihy French Revolution Vocab 1 Three...

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Kevin Cuddihy French Revolution Vocab 1. Three Estates- First Estate was the clergy, Second Estate was the nobility, and the Third Estate was the commoners. 2. Estates-General- was a French legislative assembly that represented the different classes of French people. 3. Abbe Sieyes- a French clergyman who wrote the pamphlet What is the Third Estate?. The pamphlet wrote that the Third Estate, full of commoners, would be able to thrive as a nation without the privileged classes. He was chief theorist of the French Revolution, French Consulate, and the First French Empire. 4. Tennis Court Oath- After being locked out of their usual meeting place, the National Assembly met at a tennis court and vowed to stay at the meeting until the National Assembly had created a constitution for France. 5. July 14 th , 1789- 800 civilians marched to Bastille to acquire weapons for the militia. The troops at Bastille fired into the crowd and killed 98 people, as well as injuring many others. After the troops attack onto the civilians, the massive group stormed the fortress, released seven prisoners who were imprisoned in the fortress, and killed several troops and the governor. However, they found no weapons. 6. National Assembly- At an Estates General meeting to discuss France’s economic crisis, the Third Estate realized their votes would have no influence on the meeting. Therefore,
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french rev - Kevin Cuddihy French Revolution Vocab 1 Three...

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