midterm 2 - Midterm 2 Study Guide*This is a guide that will...

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Midterm 2 Study Guide* *This is a guide that will help you study for the exam. You should use these questions to help you study the course material. That said, this guide is not designed to be a comprehensive key to the exam. Discrimination What is homophobia? What is heterosexism? In favor of heterosexual couples. What are some examples of institutionalized heterosexism? Marriage, gay issues not addressed in schools, school functions, like proms, assume heterosexual couples, adoption, visitation What are some examples of heterosexism that are built into our encounters with each other? What is life like for gay teens? i.e., what are rates of harassment like for gay teens in high school? 84.6% of LGBT students report being verbally harassed, 40.1% report being physically harassed, and 18.8% report being physically assaulted because of sexual orientation. Nearly two-thirds report feeling unsafe in school because of sexual orientation. Nearly a third of LGBT students skipped at least one day of school in the past month because of safety concerns. According to CJ Pascoe’s ethnography of a high school, why do boys use the word “faggot” so much with their friends? Despite claims that we live in a “post-racial society”, racial inequality persists. Be able to summarize how poverty rates, unemployment rates, rates of education, and health outcomes vary across blacks and whites. White people don’t deal with this shit as much as blacks After watching “Race: The Power of an Illusion”, you should be able to explain how it is possible to distinguish between racial groups. race resides not in nature but in politics, economics and culture. It reveals how our social institutions "make" race by disproportionately channeling resources, power, status and wealth to white people. When did scientists “invent” racial groups? 18 th century taxonomy classifying animals led to classifying people. What purpose did the invention of racial groups serve? Justify inequality. For example, blacks were built for hard work in the sun-> justifies slavery What is the biological basis of race? There isn’t one How much explanatory power do biological theories of racial inequality hold? What is the “culture of poverty” thesis? What does it mean that the “culture of poverty” thesis ignores the structural factors that restrict opportunities in communities? Idea that supposedly deficient characteristics of the groups themselves (i.e., moral background, family forms) are passed down through
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generations and cause poverty. Ignores societal structure that restricts opportunities.
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midterm 2 - Midterm 2 Study Guide*This is a guide that will...

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