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Review Sheet Final Exam Psychology 1a Ch. 14-16 Albert Ellis and RET and catastrophic thinking Asch studies of conformity—what % conformed? Components of attitudes Types of conflict Difference b/w psychologists and psychiatrists (and b/w clinical and counseling psych) Effects of nutrition (e.g., benefits of fiber, costs of cholesterol, things that raise blood pressure) Fundamental attribution error Social loafing Bystander effect Group therapy Insight therapies (types of, and what does it mean?) Link b/w Type A behavior and risk of heart disease Milgram’s study of obedience, what % obeyed? Relationship b/w group size and conformity Self-serving bias Similarity hypothesis, matching hypothesis, principle of reciprocity Stereotypes and social schemas Stress—definition, minor vs. major stress, types of stress (e.g., pressure, frustration) Transference—know definition Ways of coping w/ stress What does a psychoanalyst do? A cognitive therapist? A humanistic therapist? Internal vs. external attributions
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