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6721 Syllabus spring 2011-1

6721 Syllabus spring 2011-1 - SYLLABUS MAN 6721 APPLIED...

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SYLLABUS: MAN 6721 APPLIED STRATEGY AND BUSINESS POLICY Dr. Marshall Schminke, Spring 2011 UCF College of Business Executive Development Center Friday, Saturday, p.m. _____________________________________________________________________ ___ Welcome to MAN 6721, Applied Strategy and Business Policy. This is your capstone course, one that attempts to integrate what you have been learning over the course of the program. Its goals are threefold: 1) to familiarize you with the strategic analysis and planning side of running a business unit, 2) to integrate the various areas of expertise required to operate a business unit successfully, and 3) to provide an opportunity to practice using these tools in multiple settings. CLASS PROCESS The course is very conversational, very interactive, very hands-on. Most weeks begin with an open conversation about the experiences you have had in dealing with the week’s topic. From there, we move to a discussion of the key challenges involved in understanding and managing that aspect of business strategy. Finally, we present a set of tools aimed at helping to guide you through both. ACCESS Office: BA(1) 310 Voice/fax: (407) 823-2932 / (407) 823-3725 Email: [email protected] Web: http://web.bus.ucf.edu/faculty/mschminke/ (“courses” then “MAN 6721”) Office hours: Anytime immediately before or after class, other times by appointment. TEXTS Main: Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter
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Supplemental: Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter OTHER USEFUL READING: Business Week, Fortune, The Wall St. Journal . We will discuss current business issues from these sources across the semester. REFERENCES: Much of what we talk about this semester will come from Michael Porter’s foundational work. We will look at a lot of newer ideas, too, but the basis for much of the current thinking in strategy comes from these classics. I’ve listed some others here, and will provide many more as we work our way through the material. Note that these are not required , but you may find them interesting and useful. More examples will follow during the semester. Peter F. Drucker (2001). The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker's Essential Writings on Management. Michael E. Porter (2008). On Competition, Updated and Expanded Edition . Carl W. Stern , Michael S. Deimler (2006). The Boston Consulting Group on Strategy: Classic Concepts and New Perspectives . Blue Ocean Strategy. THE CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR STRATEGY GRADE Your grade is based on both individual and team performance. I. Points you earn on your own: 200 10-K Integration Project: 100 End-of-semester Peer evaluation: 100 II. Points you earn with your team: 300 Industry Analysis: 100 Strategic Analysis: Case competition paper: 100 Case competition presentation/strategy 100 ________ Total 500 In addition to regular class activities, you will have the opportunity to participate in
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6721 Syllabus spring 2011-1 - SYLLABUS MAN 6721 APPLIED...

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