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Finding industry information-1 - Finding information: Tips...

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Finding information : Tips to Conduct Research for an Industry Analysis I. Available resources - 1. Access library resources through the online data bases. a. Go to the library website: ; b. Go to articles and databases ; put in your library id from the student id and password (last four digits of their SSN); scroll down to databases by subject to business and hospitality; click on business. c. NOTE: IF you have not activated your library id number, you have to do that first. II. Resources in the library database - 1. Scroll down to the Company/Industry Research section. a. Start with Hoovers Online . You can find SIC and NAICS codes here. Also you can find out who the major competitors are in the industry and other basic information. Click on the industry tab. You can search for a specific industry or browse the industries. For instance, pull up the consulting industry. May need to narrow, though, as these can be very broad b. There are also some online resources that have complete industry analysis reports. Do NOT just use these for your paper. However, they are often a good place to get a broad overview of the industry. c. Go back to the Company/Industry Research tab i. Marketline – Click on browse all industries information. All of the industries are in this database in some form. So pick one – cell phones . Type cell phones in the field at the top of the page (search our products) and click on the go button. Under overview click on industry reports. Look at reports. Scroll down. Even though it says mobile phones, there is one for US (as well as those for other countries). Click on it and view the report. Scroll down to the Table of Comments and view the type of information that is available. This is a good place to start, but is NOT all the information that they need. Close out the PDF and go back to the previous page. Click on the company link. Most of the major competitors will be listed here. Go back. Sometimes there are associations and other
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Finding industry information-1 - Finding information: Tips...

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