Sample reporting 11-12-08

Sample reporting 11-12-08 - JV REPORTING Senior Housing...

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JV REPORTING Senior Housing Property I JV Information REAL PROPERTY INFORMATION ACQUISITION INFORMATION JOINT VENTURE INFORMATION Address: 123 Main Street Acquistion Date: 1/31/2006 Equity Split: 90% owned # of Units (by type): 115 Acquistion Price: 16,000,000 Owner Equity: 3,672,000 # of Assets: 1 Acquisition Cost: 16,320,000 Partner Equity: 408,000 Acquisition Cap Rate: 0 JV Contact: Tom House Appraised Value: Operating Cash Flow Waterfall: Tier 1: 90% to owner, 10% to Partner Investment Type: Senior Housing Capital Event Waterfall: Investment Hold: 5-7 years Deal Level IRR (Orig. Forecast): 0.00% Investment Strategy: Value-Add SENIOR DEBT INFORMATION DISPOSITION ASSUMPTIONS PER PPM DEVELOPMENT ASSUMPTIONS Lender: ABC Lending Sale Year: 2013 Break Ground Date: N/A LTV: 75% Est Occupancy: 93.00% Construction Budget: N/A $ Amount: 12,240,000 Exit NOI: 2,000,000 Construction Timeline: N/A Interest Rate: 7.00% Est Cap Rate: 8.50% CO Target Date: N/A Maturity Date: Jan-13 Est Sales Price: 23,529,412 Refinancing of Construction Loan: N/A Other Terms: N/A Est Net Liquidation: 10,936,471 Operations Update 2008 YTD FINANCIAL INFORMATION Actual Budget Variance to Budget Total Revenue 4,500,000 4,600,000 (100,000) Total Expense 3,650,000 3,790,000 140,000 NOI 850,000 810,000 40,000 Debt (563,000) (563,000) 0 CapEx (24,000) (24,000.00) 0 Non-Op Adjust 36,000 8,000 28,000 CAD 299,000
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Sample reporting 11-12-08 - JV REPORTING Senior Housing...

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