Organizational Behavior Syllabus Fall 2011

Organizational Behavior Syllabus Fall 2011 - Organization...

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Organization Theory and Behavior MAN 4240 Fall 2011 August 22- December 5 SYLLABUS Instructor Ms. Lauryn Migenes Office: BA1, Room 314 Email: [email protected] *Email is preferred contact method Phone: 407-823-2915 Office Hours: Monday 8:30 – 10:30 Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am – 12:00 pm Please make an appointment at [email protected] Text Organizational Behavior, Emerging Realities and Practice for the Real World, by McShane and Von Glinow, 5 th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010. ISBN# 978-0-07-338123-7 Course Description – Organizations: Theory and Behavior: A course providing a micro/macro approach to the study of organizations by integrating organizational theory and organizational behavior science concepts. Course Overview and Learning Objectives: Behavioral science fundamentals and management applications that emphasize organizational behavior. This class is about the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations, and about the interactions between them. This is a vital area of study because a manager’s principal responsibility is to make decisions regarding organizational objectives, and to lead and influence the behavior of others in order to see that the decisions are implemented. Students will master the following competencies: Identify interpersonal management styles and describe their impact on individual and team behavior. Gain a deeper understanding of the global business environment and its interdependencies. Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills by analyzing management specific problems, including those related to interpersonal issues, and using the results to make appropriate recommendations. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills related to management. Studies have shown that most employees leave their jobs because they have poor managers. This course is designed to provide you with management skills you will need to select, motivate, evaluate and retain the talented employees you will manage. By the end of this course you will be able to objectively evaluate and understand organizational behavioral situations and determine the best course of action from a manager’s point of view. BE 2010 Competencies: The four BE 2010 competencies of teamwork, communication, adapting to or managing change, and creative thinking are fully integrated into this course. Strong emphasis is also applied to ethical decision making, and appreciation of diversity. Organization Behavior 1
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Teamwork – coordinate and cooperate with your classmates on a variety of exercises and assignments. Communication – improve communication skills with other students in the class. Change – be open to change as a way of thinking about behavior in the workplace.
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Organizational Behavior Syllabus Fall 2011 - Organization...

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