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EUKARYOTIC MICROORGANISMS KINGDOM FUNGI General Characteristics Of Fungi : 1. Size A. Microscopic and macroscopic forms B. Microscopic forms larger than bacteria 2. Eucaryotic A. Nucleus - haploid and/or diploid B. Organelles 3. Unicellular forms Yeast - microscopic 4. Multicellular forms A. Filamentous molds - microscopic B. Fleshy (Complex) Molds - macroscopic (mushrooms, puff balls, bracket fungi) 5. Dimorphism A. Capable of existing in either multicellular or unicellular forms B. Depends on environmental conditions (temperature) 6. Metabolism A. Nutritional requirements : 1. Absorb nutrients ( excrete exoenzymes ) 2. Heterotrophs ( most are saprophytes ) B. Oxygen requirements 1. Molds - aerobic 2. Yeast - aerobic, facultative C. Chemosynthesis ( chemoheterotrophs ) 1. Enzymes – catalyze metabolic reactions 2. Energy – oxidation CHO ( respiration)
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MORPHOLOGY OF FUNGI A. FILAMENTOUS MOLDS 1. Colony morphology a. Fuzzy, cottony, pigmented - colors distinctive b. Varies in size, shape, texture - characteristic for each genus 2. Structure of mold colony (see handout) a. Mat of intertwining branching filaments b. Filament - chain of single cells joined to end c. Hypha - individual filament (hyphae - plural) d. Mycelium - mass of filaments visible to unaided eye e. Two types mycelium based on function: 1). Aerial (reproductive) mycelium - grow upward - reproduction (spores) 2). Vegetative mycelium - penetrate medium - absorption of nutrients 3. Microscopic morphology (see handout) a. Hypha - microscopic filament 1). Formed of chain of individual cells
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