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MICROBIOLOGY 2420 UNIT IV VOCABULARY READ : Nester 2 nd ed. Pgs. 428 – 446. Define the following terms. Koch's postulates Pathology Epidemiology Etiology Infection Disease Pathogen Invasiveness Opportunist Reservoirs Carrier Communicable (contagious) diseases Noncommunicable infectious diseases Direct contact transmission Indirect contact transmission Fomite Vectors Droplet (nuclei) transmission Epidemic Pandemic
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Unformatted text preview: Endemic Sporatic disease Acute disease Chronic disease Latent (recurrent) disease Local infection Systemic, generalized infection Focal infection Primary infection Secondary infection Inapparent, subclinical infection Nosocomial infections Bacteremia, viremia Septicemia Toxemia Symptoms Portal of entry Portal of exit Stages of disease: Incubation period Period of illness (invasive period) Convalescence...
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