exam3-1 - 1/01 MICROBIOLOGY EXAM III STUDY GUIDE 1. Define...

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1/01 MICROBIOLOGY EXAM III STUDY GUIDE 1. Define resistance, susceptibility, nonspecific resistance, specific resistance. 2. Describe 3 factors that influence natural (inherited) non-specific resistance. 3. Describe the non-specific chemical and mechanical (physical) barriers in the following areas of the body: skin, mucous membranes, respiratory epithelium, eyes, ears, digestive tract, urinary tract, reproductive organs, CNS, circulatory system. 4. What is interferon ? Describe how and under what conditions it is produced. How does it act to protect host cells? What is meant by: viral specific, non-specific in action, species specific? How does aspirin affect the production of interferon? 5. Describe the complement system/complement cascade. How is it activated? What are the effects following activation? 6. Describe (in detail) 4 steps of phagocytosis. Describe two types of host cells that are phagocytes and the areas of the host in which they occur. What is the reticuloendothelial system (RES)? Which cells die following phagocytosis? 7. Name 3 functions of the inflammatory response. Describe in detail the sequence of events occurring during the inflammatory response. Describe all symptoms that accompany this response and why they occur . 8. How does fever protect the host? What area of the body controls body temperature? What substances affect this area? 9. Name and briefly describe two types of specific resistance (immunity). 10.
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exam3-1 - 1/01 MICROBIOLOGY EXAM III STUDY GUIDE 1. Define...

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