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Monster Power assignment

Monster Power assignment - chambers 3 The consumers are...

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James Lee REC 216 Professor Steinman Monster Power Assignment 1. Stage 1 eliminates all the noise that the noise sniffer picked up such as FM waves, AM waves, cell phone waves etc. When the noise sniffer is turned on without the Monster Power, it sounds very loud static that’s chaotic. When you turn on the noise sniffer while plugged into the Monster Power, all the noise is eliminated. 2. Stage 2 isolates shared component noise, which is generated when something else is plugged in into the same channel as the noise sniffer and uses electricity. However, if you plug it into another channel bank, aka Stage 2, it isolates the noises into different
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Unformatted text preview: chambers. 3. The consumers are being told nothing more than what they can read on the package of the items. The retailers pretty much just do the reading for you. They aren’t knowledgeable but the person I asked was probably just a regular employee. Maybe they have people working that know more about that stuff like the Geek Squad with music. But I’m convinced that this product will help reduce noise disturbances because of its high prices. Being more than 100 dollars makes me think that these things must work if people are spending that much money on them....
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