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wrd final paper jayz

wrd final paper jayz - James Lee Professor Henrikson Wrd...

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James Lee Professor Henrikson Wrd 104 Final Paper Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, is a musical icon that will stand on a pedestal so long that human kind exists on this Earth. He is the most influential rapper of all time. Influential can be defined differently depending on what the point of view is. Jay-Z is influential in the sense that many rappers after him were manipulated by his actions whether it was by choice or subconsciously. Everything he does is recognized by the entire hip hop world and seen in a bright light. But what really separates Jay-Z from other influential rappers, are his business endeavors away from rap. Jay-Z has successfully made himself into a business. When one thinks of Jay-Z, their first thought can be “businessman” just as easily as it can be “rapper”. What allowed him to become a mogul in the business industry though were his accomplishments as a rapper. Jay Z has influenced many rappers from a rap perspective before moving on to other business endeavors establishing him as one of the most important hip-hop figures in the history of music. He is without argument established as one of the greatest rappers of all time. In any given list of the greatest rappers all time, Jay-Z is undoubtedly on there. With 11 solo albums and some collaboration albums, it seems that Jay-Z has put out an album almost every single year of his rapping career. Artists of all genres can see their success through the charts on Billboard U.S. Well, with that in mind, let us take a quick look at Jay-Z’s career. 11 of his albums have spent a total of 785 weeks on Billboard U.S.; 33 of his songs have spent 3261 weeks; 4 of his solo albums peaked at number one; and he had more albums and songs on Billboard charts in
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other countries than some artists have in the U.S (Jay-Z – Music Charts). To put this into perspective, with 11 albums charting the Billboards, Jay-Z is now one album ahead of the great Elvis Presley (Binelli King of America). Much of his success is due to the plethora of different styles that Jay-Z has. He can be a hard-core from the streets rapper, a gentleman with kind words to a lady, a party animal, main street pop and the list can go on. For most of his career, Jay-Z was the best rapper alive. Being the best meant that he could work on his music with the best
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wrd final paper jayz - James Lee Professor Henrikson Wrd...

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