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Page 1 Endocrinology 01 JP Advis DVM, Ph.D. Bartlett Hall, Animal Sciences, Cook, 932 - 9240, advis@aesop.rutgers.edu Course website: rci.rutgers.edu/~advis Lectures, tests, grades, office hours, textbook, extra books, recitations / study groups, instructor, graduate and undergraduate TAs availability Material to be covered in the course: overview of the endocrine system as a communication system ----> (e.g. . extracellular signal, receptor, intracellular links, mechanisms of hormonal action, physiological effect) provide a “glance” on how information is obtained through endocrine research----> (e.g. . experimental and clinical approaches, ablation and replacement therapies, DNA / RNA - related molecular approaches, signal transduction pathways) relate basic endocrine communication to issues available to the general population ----> (e.g. endocrine pathologies, anabolic steroids, bST use, stress, control of appetite, obesity) Endocrinology Course (an overview) Meeting # Description for the Endocrinology Course Goodman ± s textbook 01 - 17 An overview of the main controllers of the endocrine “play f eld” Introduction to the lecture and the recitation sections of this four - credits endocrinology course Mechanisms of Action of Lipo-soluble (steroid, thyroid) and Water-soluble Hormones (al others) The Hypothalamic – Pituitary Unit (Hypothalamus and the Anterior and Posterior Pituitary Glands) Thyroid and Calcium Regulating Hormones, their Function, Mechanisms of Action and Control REVIEW and EXAM #1 (25%) meetings #1 through #13 1 – 4, 10 18 - 29 An overview of the main “players” of the endocrine game Endocrinology of the ANS, of the GI Systems, of the Endocrine Pancreas and of Diabetes Mel itus Endocrinology of the Adrenal Gland, its Glucocorticoid Hormones and the Intermediary Metabolism Endocrinology of Growth, of the main Growth – Related Hormones and of the main Growth Factors Endocrinology of the Adrenal Gland, its Mineralocorticoids, RAS and the Blood Pressure Control REVIEW and EXAM #2 (25%) meetings #1 through #25 1 - 11 30 – 39 An overview of “games” playing simultaneously in the endocrine play f eld Overview of Hormonal Integration and of the Homeostatic Control of the Endocrine System Integration of Sex Development, Reproductive Cycles and of the Neural Control of Reproduction Integration of Food Intake and of the Neuroendocrine Control of Appetite and Ingestive Behaviors Integration of Biological Rhythms, Immunity, Aging and the Endocrine Control of Homeostasis Integration and examples of the use of Human - related Case Studies as an Integration Tool REVIEW and EXAM #3 (25%) meetings #1 through #39 1 – 14 01 – 40 A recitation “reinforce” each week material by using editable essay questions Students must submit a draft answer for each weekly question BEFORE a recitation, in order to receive personal suggestions on how to edit them. Answers might be edited multiple times.
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lec 1 introduction.pptx - Endocrinology 01 JP Advis DVM,...

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