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Project: PSY 1a – Spring 2008 (150 points) DUE: See Syllabus Research a topic of your choice, related to any chapter from our text. You must gain approval for your topic by the topic date given on the syllabus. You will submit a typed summary of what you wish to research, including depth of research, any questions you wish to find out, sources you wish to use, etc. See due date on syllabus for topic proposal. You should choose a topic that interests you. You may change your topic later in the semester, but you must also get approval for the revised topic. If you have not received prior approval or stray from your proposal without approval, NO CREDIT will be earned on any other portion of the project! Your research must include at least 5 sources. Sources may include other textbooks, Books, websites, journal articles, interviews, etc. You may NOT use encyclopedias or dictionaries for sources. You must include at least one empirical journal article as a source. You will need to present your information via group presentation as well as a written paper. The oral
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/06/2008 for the course PSYCH 1a taught by Professor Kolchakian during the Spring '08 term at Mt. SAC.

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