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Page 1 Ingestive Behaviors 33 A neuroendocrine control system: components, a reflex arc, the endocrine system, the ANS, endocrine / nervous systems as afferents and efferents, the theoretical comparator or integrator unit, membrane potential, transcription factors and integrators, crosstalk at a subcellular level as a regulatory control paradigm Elements involved in the neuroendocrine control of food intake, the hypothalamic PVN, ME and POA as integration centers, discussion of other integrated neuroendocrine systems (stress and temperature regulation linked to stress and food intake) and of obesity and anorexia Neuroendocrine control as a story of circles, intersecting circles, intersecting circles, intersecting ... S ± E (a review of general endocrinology) Introduction control and “story lines” Integration (or the basic reflex arc model) ± S E sensor integrator center effector afferent story line efferent story line negative feedback story line basic diagram for a control system as that present in a refrigerator
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