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6/11/11 1 Muscles and Movement Introduction Skeletal muscule, structure & contraction Muscle energy metabolism and fi ber types Smooth muscule structure & contraction Control of body movement 07 The goal of this lecture is to discuss the basic physiology of skeletal and smooth muscle (cardiac muscle will be cover in the cardiovascular section). This lecture will also introduce issues linked to the control of movement. The sections for this lecture are: Life is a series of chemical reactions occurring in compartmentalized environments. The main purpose of life is to keep itself alive Physiology, the study of how life works, is based on the simultaneous occurrence of the following three concepts: levels of organization structure / function relationship homeostatic regulation Skeletal muscle structure and contraction mechanisms Muscle structure to sarcomere Molecular mechanism of contraction Excitation - contraction coupling Mechanics of single fi ber contraction Skeletal muscle, energy metabolism, fi ber types and muscle contraction Sources of ATP for contraction Fiber types in skeletal muscles Whole muscle contraction Introduction Smooth muscle structure and contraction mechanisms Smooth muscle structure and contraction Inputs in fl uencing smooth muscle contraction Types of smooth muscles Control of body movement Motor control hierarchy Local control of motor neurons Brain motor centers and the descending pathways controlled
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6/11/11 2 …the “slap in the face” example from the neuro lecture… Introduction 6 5 4 3 2 1 ??? how is info moving from touching or grabing to the slap in the face??? Introduction S ± E
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