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lec 19 reproduction2.pptx - Reproduction The goal of these...

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1 Reproduction 26 The goal of these lectures is to discuss basic physiology associated with the control of reproduction (from sexual diferentiation to adult reproductive function). The sections for this lecture are: Introduction and GnRH Puberty in females The ovary and the menstrual cycle Neuroendocrine control of the ovary Contraceptives and abortifacients Reproductive pathologies Life is a series of chemical reactions occurring in compartmentalized environments. The main purpose of life is to keep itself alive Physiology, the study of how life works, is based on the simultaneous occurrence of the following three concepts: levels of organization structure / function relationship homeostatic regulation Introduction
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2 Introduction "ability to carry a fetus to terminus" and "temporal maturational process" as de f nitions of female puberty and in their relationship with the black boxes of the control system the uterus starts responding to ovarian steroids during the infantile period, well before the onset of puberty (bioassays and binding assays, ideopathic precocious puberty) the ovary presents autonomous follicular growth during the neonatal stage, and begin to respond to gonadotrophins during the infantile period (in vivo and in vitro steroid output) the anterior pituitary of neonatal animals responds as an adult pituitary when transplanted to adult hypophysectomized rats (pituitary transplants of neonatal pups to their mother) the CNS negative and positive feedbacks of E2 on LH and FSH are not present in infantile period, but they become progresively active during the prepubertal period ( - and + FB approaches) while dynamic AP-ovarian relationship are operative before puberty, the onset of puberty results from the elaboration in suf f cient amounts of female hormones puberty is probably brought about by removal of hypothalamic and/or extra-hypothalamic inhibitory inputs to gonadotropin secretion,
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lec 19 reproduction2.pptx - Reproduction The goal of these...

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