Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train - Links Guys desires to Bruno’s...

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Julianna Ritter FILM STUDYGUIDE MIDTERM Strangers on a Train , Hitchcock (1951) Hero has someone who acts out on unstated desires (similar to Rear Window ) Editing in a scene: chief goal to retain spatial continuity Opening to the film: tour de force o No dialogue, few images, heavy editing o Editing carries the weight of the narrative in the opening scene o Parallel editing: cutting from one space to another space Identifying gestures Act 1: Drama of Feet o Provides us with separations and resolutions o Directions of feet: bound to meet (mirror images) o Rails are the extensions of the feet o Guy taps Bruno o Thematic backbone of the film: Believe they have autonomy but independent agency is powerless in a larger formal design Editing from scene to scene: what is the meaning of edit? o Articulation of desire: Guy says “I could strangle her” and dissolves to Bruno’s hands flexing
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Unformatted text preview: Links Guys desires to Bruno’s agency and determination through the edit Guy feels guilty by illicit desire, connected to Bruno until Bruno dies • Body movement provides figures of continuity (cutting, doorway) o Editing so fragmentation there is no disjunction / finding bridges • Insert shot: inserted into the dramatic action that gives us a personal view of something o Often they are close-ups o i.e. went in straight without changing the angle to Bruno’s name tag o wide-shot -> close-up -> wide-shot • Hitchcock solves script problems through direction o Transfer of knowledge: confessor to ‘confesee’ o Process of binding these two together o Point of view shots unites them under external threats to their conversation • Cross-Cutting: leisurely pace and builds until we cut from one shot to the next to drive suspense...
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