REAR WINDOW NOTES - Julianna Ritter Film Midterm Study...

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Julianna Ritter Film Midterm Study Guide Rear Window , Hitchcock (1954) ‘love story’ about a man who does not want to commit o Female joins lead to help solve mystery Relentlessly obsessed with position and space o Restricts itself to one point of view o Everything is a ‘forced’ (purposefully) perspective o ‘renaissance perspective:’ closing off to deep space o Middle ground – background pacing o Anchors itself to Jeffries’s apartment; provides comfortable character identification to accept his point of view Jeffries engages in voyeurism – more satisfaction in spying than in Lisa o Romantic imbalance because of Jeffries’s voyeuristic investment o Question of ethics: as auditors / specters of film we are voyeurs Glance into another world Day Woman (Stella) vs Night Woman (Lisa) o Pattern disrupted by urgency of the situation where Lisa and Stella come together Every scene begins with a fade in and fade out o Fade: cinematic transition by closing off the light / opening and closing of the diaphragm to signal a passing time and sometimes space Dramatic reversal of point of view: power dynamic reversal o Suffusion of the red, blinded by the light
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REAR WINDOW NOTES - Julianna Ritter Film Midterm Study...

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