Le Crime de monsieur Lange

Le Crime de monsieur Lange - o Aesthetic choice for...

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Julianna Ritter FILM STUDYGUIDE MIDTERM Le Crime de Monsieur Lange , Renoir (1936) The collective is invented; fluid movement / apparent naturalness Constant framing: o Cut to an individual: individual ambition o Disputation of the group symbolized by group o Instead of shaking hands, the men insult each other (but can only be read as a loving gesture) Transformation of space: happens in a world ‘up above’ as a political entity o As if the camera is another person in the space and acts as a participant (does not know in advance what will happen) o Camera movement connects, imitating people and actions
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Unformatted text preview: o Aesthetic choice for realism: realization of space and depth alongside and beyond the borders of the frame Lange and the Cooperative / his relationship to it o Is this pre-meditated murder? (no) o Impulsive Legal system controls the law o People in the caf act as judgment o Outside normal constrictions of the law o Anti-state rhetoric o Renoir interested in the working class o Disparity between the classes in 1930s France Sense of being in the world Ends in them entering a void Anticlimactic...
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