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Third-World Families at work

Third-World Families at work - Secondly I will give...

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What would you do if you were in Jonathan Stein's shoes and why? I would renew the contract unless they stop hiring child labors under age 14. Timothy & Thomas is a famous brand that I have to protect our reputation from potential political and social damages. Protecting and strengthening Timothy & Thomas’s reputation requires a long-term, strategic mind-set. At the meantime, we must follow the local government laws of child labor and education even though in developing countries. Timothy & Thomas shouldn’t only focus on cost and short-term profitability by immorally and illegally using girls in its plants. Besides stop hiring child labor under age 14, I will create some policies to help women and girls who worked in Timothy & Thomas factory in Pakistan. First of all, I must make it clear that it is not allowed to hire children under 14, while children who are 14 and over can only work maximum 7 hours per day.
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Unformatted text preview: Secondly, I will give priorities to hire adults who have low income and dependent kids in their family. I will also train children who are 14 and above both academically and technically to help them become more competitive in the future. In addition, for those adult employees, I will also arrange training to increase their productivity so that they can be paid well. Thirdly, I will award or give bonus for the parents who are working in Timothy & Thomas and sending their kids to school during their school age, meanwhile, Timothy & Thomas will issue fund for outstanding students. Fourthly, Timothy & Thomas must be dedicated in improving efficiency and productivity to save its cost and improve products quality. Like it is discussed in the case, the question here is not just whether to create plenty of jobs but how to create good jobs that will contribute to the individual’s and society’s development....
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