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Freqon questions

Freqon questions - 1 What is the root cause problem between...

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1. What is the root cause problem between Freqon and NorduAlu? Please be specific and thoughtful. I think the root cause problem between Freqon and NorduAlu was miscommunication. It is indicated in the case that since Freqon and NorduAlu started business together in the very beginning, NorduAlu as a supplier of Freqon had quality issues with their products. In 1987, when Freqon selected NorduAlu as its supplier, the considerations were: NorduAlu had the anodization process in-house, and AluGermany’s extrusion plants had the large extrusion process necessary for the production of same of the Freqon components. However, NorduAlu’s quality control had never met the expectation of Freqons. I think the reason why they could work together in a very harmonious relationship was because the competition in converter industry was relatively low. In addition, FOQ 100 and FOQ 150 required low technical process. But Freqon hadn’t completely addressed the problem with NorduAlu, while Freqon didn’t thoroughly help
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