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1) What are the two types of variation? How can you describe each type? One type is common cause/natural variation, which means the normal fluctuation in any process that we cannot attach any specific cause to it. Another type is special cause/assignable cause variation. This variation is something out of ordinary, which is not random, means something has changed in our process. 2) Which type of variation is SPC designed to help detect? Special cause/assignable cause variation is SPC signed to help detect. 3) What are control limits? Control limits, also known as natural process limits, are horizontal lines drawn on a statistical process control chart, usually at a distance of ±3 standard deviations of the plotted statistic from the statistic's mean. 4) What are the differences between an X-bar (or Mean) Chart and an R (or Range) Chart. Describe what each chart represents. In statistical quality control, the X-bar and R chart are types of control charts used to monitor a variable's data when samples are collected at regular intervals from a business or industrial
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