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1. Assume the role of Tom, what would you tell Sandra and what would you tell your boss? To Sandra, I would sure apologize. Because of lack of consideration, the contract between NASA and ATK didn’t exist in the first place. But it was my fault to make that promise without the permission from NASA. I would ask Sandra to talk to her boss to stop construction as well as production in order to minimize the loss. At the meantime, ATK could try to negotiate with NASA to produce new TPS by using the new discovery from NASA To my boss, I would explain how the problem was caused by inconsiderable promise. I would try to suggest my boss talk to ATK see if ATK could produce new TPS by using NASA’s discovery at a reasonable price, so that we don’t need to build a new facility and we can help
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Unformatted text preview: ATK minimize its loss. 2. Based upon what you read in the Contracts 101 article, is there a contract between ATK and NASA? Theoretically, we need 3 elements in order to form a contract, an offer, an acceptance, and consideration. In this case, Tom and Sandra who represent NASA and ATK respectively had a conversation about NASA could purchase from ATK. It meets the requirements of an offer and an acceptance of establishing a legal contract. But Tom made the promise without discussing contractual terms. Therefore, there is not a contract between NASA and ATK, even though misunderstanding and unspecified explanations may cause huge loss in ATK....
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