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human geography notes

human geography notes - 16.place 17.region 18.regional...

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List of terms (exam 1): Page 38 1.Capitalism - 2.Cognitive distance 3.Cognitive image 4.cognitive space 5.formal region 6.friction of distance 7.geographic information systems 8.global positioning systems (GPS) 9.Globalization 10.Human geography 11.identity 12.latitude 13.longitude 14.neo-liberal policies 15.physical geography
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Unformatted text preview: 16.place 17.region 18.regional geography 19.regionalism 20.regionalization 21.remote sensing 22.sense of place 23.site 24.situation 25.social relations 26.spatial analysis 27.spatial diffusion 28.states 29.supernational organization 30.time-space convergence 31.world regions...
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