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human geo final notes - Chapter 8 Agriculture = ART Science...

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Chapter 8: Agriculture = ART + Science + Business Agribusiness – a set of economic and political relationships that organizes agro-food production from the development of seeds to the retailing and consumption of the agricultural product. Agriculture – a science, an art, and a business directed at the cultivation of crops and the raising of livestock for sustenance and for profit Biotechnology – technique that uses living organisms to make or modify products, to improve plants and animals, or to develop microorganisms for specific uses Commercial Agriculture – farming primarily for sale, not direct consumption Conventional Farming – farming with no specific organic processes Crop Rotation – Method of maintaining soil fertility in which the fields under cultivation remain the same, but the crop being planted is changed Famine – acute starvation associated with a sharp increase in mortality Food Chain – Five central and connected sectors (inputs, production, product processing, distribution, and consumption. Food Manufacturing – adding value to agricultural products through a range of treatments such as processing, canning, refining, packing, and packaging – that occur off the farm and before they reach the market. Food security – a person, a household, or even a country has assured access to enough food at all times to ensure active and healthy lives. Food sovereignty – right of peoples, communities and countries to define their own agricultural, labor, fishing and food policies that are ecologically, socially, economically, and culturally appropriate to their unique circumstances
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human geo final notes - Chapter 8 Agriculture = ART Science...

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