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Chapter 3 key terms age-sex pyramid agricultural density arithmatic density baby boom census cohort crude birth rate crude death rate demography emmigration forced migration immigration infant mortality rate internally displaced persons migration mobility nutritional density pull factors push factors refugees vital records P 80 (edition 5) key terms CH 2 British Dominance Cartography Colonialism colonization commodity chain core regions division of labor environmental determinism ethno-centrism hearth areas imperialism masculinism mini-system neo-colonialism peripheral regions plantation semi-peripheral regions
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trans-national corporation United States world empire world system
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Unformatted text preview: List of terms (exam 1): Page 38 1.Capitalism -2.Cognitive distance 3.Cognitive image 4.cognitive space 5.formal region 6.friction of distance 7.geographic information systems positioning systems (GPS) 9.Globalization 10.Human geography 11.identity 12.latitude 13.longitude 14.neo-liberal policies 15.physical geography 17.region 18.regional geography 19.regionalism 20.regionalization 21.remote sensing 22.sense of place 24.situation relations 26.spatial analysis 27.spatial diffusion 28.states 29.supernational organization 30.time-space convergence regions...
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human geography notes - List of terms(exam 1 Page 38...

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