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Geography Chapter 2 Notes: Romanticism – a philosophy that emphasizes the interdependence of humans and nature Transcendentalism – Encourages people to attempt to rise above nature and the limitations of the body to the point where the spirit dominates the flesh, where a mystical and spiritual life replaces a primitive and savage one. Conservation – Natural resources should be used wisely and humans should serve as stewards, not exploiters, of the natural world Preservation – nature is sacred and should be preserved
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Unformatted text preview: -Earth first!, Greenpeace, and E.L.F., Ecoterrorism Environmental ethics – Philosophical perspective on nature that prescribes moral principles as guidance for our treatment of it.-Everything in nature has rights Ecofeminism – nature based on spirituality and political resistance to masculine models Deep Ecology – Self Realization and biospherical egalitarianism Environmental Justice – Institutional inequality of environments in neighborhoods...
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