geography test 2 review - Exam2Review MultipleChoice

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Exam 2 Review 05:25 Multiple Choice How nature and society are linked Spiritual (Judeo-Christian) Environmental philosophies Romanticism, conservation, ecofeminism, political ecology especially Technology When fossil fuel use intensified Nuclear power Used to be more popular, not anymore  Meltdowns Coming back (most likely in GA) Historical prevalence Deforestation (Ch 4) Global sense Where happening the most How plays out in northern and southern hemispheres Nature is a social creation How understand nature/society interactions Global climate change Carbon Dioxide Mass deforestation contributing to carbon balance on planet Fossil fuels Carbon dioxide production Largely northern hemisphere (America)
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Environmental Justice Cultural Geography Notion of culture being one of the most complicated words in Western language Why are cultural processes different at different places and times? Cultural systems
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geography test 2 review - Exam2Review MultipleChoice

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