Notes chap 3 - church probably the first in America • Rhode Island Rogue Island • Charters granted for Connecticut Rhode Island and Bay

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Notes German friar Martin Luther protests vs. catholic doctrines Calvin of Geneva protests against Martin Luther , wins Causes a lot of Europe to become Calvinists, including early Americans Pilgrims known as congregation of separatists Landed near Plymouth, not in Plymouth William Bradford, scholar, read: Hebrew, Greek, Latin , French, and Dutch 1630 eleven ships of puritans sailed across atlantic to reach the Americas Each ship held 1,000 immigrants John Winthrop- mass. Bay colony, became gov. “We shall be a city upon a hill.”- gov. Winthrop John Cotton, studied at Cambridge U., comes to Massachusetts to defend the gov. Protestant ethic The Blue Law state “blue paper for laws” also Sumptuary laws Michael Wigglesworths “day of the doom” 1662 Anne Hutchinson-banished Killed by Indians except one of her “household” Roger Williams-banished Helped by friendly Indians, he traveled to Rhode Island and started a Baptist
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Unformatted text preview: church, probably the first in America • Rhode Island- Rogue Island • Charters granted for Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Bay Colony’s charter revoked by London authorities. • 3 anglo-dutch naval wars fought • Dutch got new york “new Amsterdam” • England took new Amsterdam over and renamed “new york” duke of york • Kept a lot of the Dutch’s old names and past times • William Penn and Quakers start Pennsylvania • People from Germany, France, and England come to Philadelphia • Mix of ethnic groups, rich and poor • William Penn dies, New Jersey started up in 1664 • New York and New Jersey known as “bread colonies” b/c imports in bread( lots ) • Benjamin Franklin born in the north (boston), at the age of 17 moved to Phily • The pre-mature U.S. is thriving...
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