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English 1101 - Chicanery deception by artful subterfuge or...

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Regy Perlera 10/21/09 2 nd 1. Loquacious – Full of excessive talk, given to fluent or excessive talk Adjective – (Lo-qua-cious) The loquacious student was given a warning for excessively chatting in class. 2. Gauche - lacking social experience or grace. Not tactful. Adjective – (Gauche) Someone who studies all day and does not socialize with his peers is going to be very gauche and lonely. 3. Quotidian – occurring every day, belonging to every day. Adjective – (Quo-tid-i-an) Sitting down at my computer desk has become a quotidian act of mine, in a sense, its almost like a ritual. 4. Bowdlerlize - to expurgate by omitting or modifying parts considered vulgar. Transitive Verb – (Bowd-ler-lize) Many of the newspapers here in town are bowdlerized in hopes of not offending any public officials. 5. Diffident - hesitant in acting or speaking through lack of self-confidence Adjective – (Dif-fi-dent) Many diffident people tend to get stepped on because they lack the courage to speak up for themselves. 6.
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Unformatted text preview: Chicanery- deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry. (Trickery). Noun – (Chi-ca-nery) Chicanery is very common among children these days; they are very fond of joking around and such. 7. Evanescent – tending to vanish like vapor Adjective – (Ev-a-nes-cent) Ninjas are very evanescent in the sense that they vanish right before your eyes, not necessarily like vapor, but similar to vapor. 8. Obsequious- marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness Adjective – (obs-se-qui-ous) My puppy is very obsequious when I hold a piece of food in front of his eyes, he will not even blink. 9. Notarize- to acknowledge or attest as a notary public Transitive Verb – (No-ta-rize) After the election of 2008, Barack Obama was notarized by the public as the new president of the United States. 10. Facetious- joking or jesting often inappropriately Adjective – (Fa –ce –tious) Many times, facetious people tend to get in trouble with their peers for impolite behavior....
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