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Regy Perlera 10/30/09 2 nd 1. Winnow - to separate desirable and undesirable elements. – verb. 2. Vehement – intensely emotional. – adjective. 3. supercilious – coolly and patronizingly proud. – adjective. 4. reparation - the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury – noun.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. abridgment - A condensed form as of a book or play. – noun 6. abstemious - Characterized by self denial or abstinence, as in the use of drink, food. – adjective. 7. acquiesce - To comply; submit to a behavior. – verb. 8. odoriferous - Having or diffusing an odor or scent. – adjective....
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