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Chap 4 notes Malaria, dysentery and typhoid – bad Cornfields – Indian ambushes Indentured servants came from so much tobacco Virginia, Maryland – “headright” system Indent. Servants = 3 quarters of European immigrants Freeman problems- could not find women, could not acquire land Berkeley killed 20 people Royal African company 20 % death rate on middle passage Slave codes- (slaves and children = property of master, could not be taught to read and write.) Ches. Bay colony perpetuated itself with slaves by its own natural reproduction Anthony Johnson –slave owner (black) Slave revolts – New York 1712, 12 casualties, S.C. 1739 Bacons rebellion (biggest revolt ever) FFV’s- first families of Virginia
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Unformatted text preview: • Planters – farmers – indentured servants – slaves • Families are important ! • New England invented grandparents (first to see their grandparents) • Spouse protection, but could not inherit land • New towns – meeting house, and a town hall, 50 families meant education system, • New form of sermon – “jeremiad” • Troubled ministers offered the “half-way covenant” • Salem witch trials were used to find scapegoats for social resentments • Codfish in new England referred to gold mines • “Worth the candle”- chores done after nightfall • Virgin soil worth the wage of 1 day for a new England carpenter • Dukes don’t immigrate • Prohibited poorer folk from wearing gold or silver lace...
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