chapter 8 poli sci notes

chapter 8 poli sci notes - Pols Sci: Chapter Eight Notes I....

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Pols Sci: Chapter Eight Notes I. Bureaucracy: the diverse collection of departments, agencies, bureaus, commissions, and other units of the executive branch that carry out national policies. -There were a lot of issues concerning whether the power to delegate would be given to congress or to the president. It was narrowly passed by one vote (John Adams) that presidents would have the right to remove heads of departments (dept of treasury, war and commissioner of revenue- ETC) - There was a clear advantage to delegating authority and therefore transferring responsibility to a unified executive but however it also meant a president could pursue policies that differed from a congressional majority. - congress balanced this by giving agencies the authority to set their own budgets - Washington introduced the spoils system and Andrew Jackson countered this by advocating rotation in office (which meant an official would serve in a position for a short, fixed period then move on to something else perhaps in government but more often returning to public life) - spoils system: the practice of the winning party to give away government jobs - this instead of leading to democratizing the administration it led to agencies becoming bureaucratized (when leaders try to solve coordination and delegation problems raised by many forms of large-scale action) - the bureaucratic system (according to Max Weber) was designed through: - a hierarchal structure of authority - a division of labor to make complex tasks efficient - set of abstract rules so specialists, uniformity and control of subordinates is achieved - impersonality - a career system - specified goals
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chapter 8 poli sci notes - Pols Sci: Chapter Eight Notes I....

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