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history of the build environment v. 2

history of the build environment v. 2 - -movement and drama...

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History notes: quiz on Monday: baroque and Italian renaissance Italian mannerist and baroque landscapes: Villa Lante 1566 – 1587 - Myth of the four ages of man Golden age – Silver age – Bronze age – Iron age – Fountain of deluge, Fountain of the Dolphins, Water Chain Fountain of the River Gods, The cardinals table, Fountain of the lights Villa Orsini – sacro bosco / parco dei mostri 1542 1585 Mannerist villa - surprise, novelty, & allusion - used for outdoor masques and parties
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Unformatted text preview: -movement and drama became important Early Baroque -axes project beyond the garden walls to focus distant feature-influenced by discoveries in geometry, optics & perspective-Movement, drama, and spatial dynamism Villa Aldobrandini 1598 – 1621-water theater-cascade by fountain engineer Isola Bella – 1632 – 1734 Boboli Gardens 1550 – 1650-skewed cross axis. Two major axi, that intersect ( unusual ) Composition of many small gardens. Symmetrical -longer axes-...
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