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Horticulture notes 8 - Horticulture notes J.C...

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Horticulture notes 8/21/11 J.C. Loudon (1783-1843) Landscape planner - the gardenesque style of english garden design - cemeteries, gardens, writer Andrew Jackson Downing (1815-1852) FAJA OF GENETICS: Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) - Genetic traits in everything Luther Burbank (1849-1926) - American botanist and horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey (1854-1954) - First president of the American society for horticulture - Became proessor at Michigan state - Recruited by cornell in 1883 as professor of practical and experimental horticulture - Dean of college of agriculture at cornell in 1903 - Book: cyclopedia of horticulture and HORtus - Retired in 1913 Morrill act of 1862: land-grant colleges - 1890 colleges - Support for African American colleges - Research tied to teaching Hatch Act of 1879: experiment Station ORIGINS OF CROPS Three important theorists: - Alphonse de Condolle (1806-1893) o Swiss botanist o Origin of cultivated plants - Charles Darwin (1809-1882) o British naturalist o Theories of evolution and natural selection o Origin of the species (1857) - Nikolai I. vavilov o Russian botanist (1887-1943) o Law of homologous series in variation (1920) Theory of centers of origin
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Center of diversity = center of origin - plant species not uniform - 8 primary world centers FRUITS China: - Pear - Chinese apple - Peach - Apricot - Cherry - Walnut - Lichi India: - Mango - Orange - Tangerine - Citron - Tamarind - Banana - Breadfruit TOMATOS COME FROM SOUTH AMERICA. - native to the andes mountains PEPPERS COME FROM SOUTH AMERICA CORN COMES FROM the ANDES mountains and Guatemala (SOUTH & NORTH AMERICA) PINEAPPLE COMES FROM SOUTH AMERICA
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Horticulture notes 8 - Horticulture notes J.C...

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