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Land 2210 notes

Land 2210 notes - Sustainable design recognizes-the need to...

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Earth as a living system: Biota – all living things within a given area Biosphere- region of Earth where life exists - also includes the system that sustain life All living things require energy POPULATION II Sustainable Design Three E’s: Ecology Economy Equity Sustainable design recognizes: - intrinsic value of nature - interdependence of humanity and nature - The limitations of design/value of nature as a model. Sustainable design encourages: - identify and preserve high quality habitats - re-connect people and nature - preserve and restore natural processes - No net loss of biodiversity Sustainable design recognizes: - the impact of design decisions on human well-being - the responsibility to create relevant designs - the responsibility of providing for all communities Sustainable design encourages: - protect public health, safety, and welfare. - Design communities around people, not automobiles - Encourage multi-use land development and greenspace conservation
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Unformatted text preview: Sustainable design recognizes:-the need to eliminate waste-the evaluation of the full life cycle of materials-the potential to rely on natural energy flows-the value of free ecosystem services. Sustainable design encourages:-reduce dependence on external resources-harness on-site resources-conducting life-cycle analyses -appropriate citing of buildings Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” – Brundtland Commission Sustainable design is the conception and realization of ecologically, economically and ethically sensitive and responsible expression as a part of the evolving matrix of nature. William McDonough Architects, The Hannover Principles, 1992 CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE US Globally and locally, temperatures are rising....
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Land 2210 notes - Sustainable design recognizes-the need to...

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