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AB219August2011SyllabusSection05 - Course Syllabus AB219...

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Course Syllabus AB219: Marketing TABLE OF CONTENTS Click on a link below to view that section in the syllabus. Course Calendar Grading Criteria/Course Evaluation Policies Course Description Instructor’s Grading Criteria/Timetable Projects Course Information Instructor and Seminar Information Rubrics Course Materials Kaplan University Grading Scale Seminars Course Outcomes Discussion Boards Netiquette Tutoring COURSE INFORMATION TOP Term: Dates: Course Number/Section: Course Title: Marketing Credit Hours: 5 Prerequisites: None We strongly recommend that you complete the Campus Tour , available on your Student Homepage. This essential tutorial discusses hardware and software requirements as well as presenting an overview of learning with the eCollege platform. INSTRUCTOR AND SEMINAR INFORMATION TOP Instructor Name and Credentials: Kaplan Email Address: AIM Instant Messenger Name: AIM Office Hours (EST): Course/Seminar Day and Time (EST):
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COURSE MATERIALS TOP Textbook Information Title: Marketing: An Introduction, 10 th Global Edition E-Book Author(s): Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler ISBN: 0558859046 Publisher: Pearson Your textbook for this course is a digital version of a print book called an eBook located under the Doc Sharing tab within your classroom. Once you have Adobe Reader, click on Doc Sharing, then the link titled Marketing_An Introduction to start the download. If you prefer, your eBook is also available in individual Unit Readings. Each Unit Reading contains only the chapters you will be reading in that particular unit. These documents are considerably smaller and can be downloaded much faster than the entire eBook. You may save any of the eBook documents to a location of your choosing. If you have questions regarding your Marketing eBook, please refer to the eBook FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) located under Doc Sharing. Technical issues and how to get help are also addressed in the FAQs. Software Requirements Microsoft Office Professional 2003 (or Later) **Includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint AOL Instant Messenger: (for visiting Prof during Office Hours): If you are not an AIM Member you can download the free service by visiting the following site: http://www.aim.aol.com/ COURSE DESCRIPTION TOP This is an introductory course emphasizing key concepts and issues underlying the modern practice of marketing. The role of marketing in the organization and in society is examined and analyzed. Course content includes the general nature and role of marketing, the marketing concept, buyer behavior and the environment in which marketing operates. The marketing planning process is analyzed through the four main decision areas of products and services, distribution, promotion and pricing. COURSE OUTCOMES
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AB219August2011SyllabusSection05 - Course Syllabus AB219...

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