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Review Sheet Exam 4

Review Sheet Exam 4 - Review Sheet Psy 1a Exam 4 Please...

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Review Sheet Psy 1a Exam 4 Please note : These are some of the topics that will be covered on the exam. There may be additional information not included here that will be on the exam. As always, I advise that you read the chapters thoroughly and study the class notes when preparing for the exam. Sex vs. gender Transexualism vs. homosexualism Gender differences in cognitive abilities, personality, and leadership style What constitutes sexual harassment? What constitutes rape? Types of rape? Most common type? Theories of personality (psychodynamic, humanistic, and behavioral/cognitive) At what age do kids become aware of being a girl or a boy? Freud’s views of homosexuality HPV info (from lecture) How to resist sexual harassment and how to help prevent it What % of women file formal complaints about sexual harassment? Id vs. ego vs. superego Know your defense mechanisms! What does fixation mean? What are archetypes? What is the collective unconscious?
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