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Unit 9 - Monster_Green_Transcript

Unit 9 - Monster_Green_Transcript - Chapter 15 Monster.com...

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Chapter 15 Monster.com M: (Music plays). Monster created this space -- if you think of how we look at online career advancement development tactically getting a job -- hi, I’m Eric Winegardner -- vice president of Client Adoption for Monster dot com. Many people who are entering the workforce today couldn’t actually conceive of work the way it exists. I couldn’t personally have said to my guidance counselor -- I’m going to be in the internet business when I grow up because it didn’t exist. So, to think about how work has changed -- how business has changed in just a short period of time -- illustrates the amount of change that Monster actually thrives in. What was so new about it was just the fact that it was the internet. And when you think of -- Monster was originally the Monster board. So, it was nothing more than just a virtual bulletin board where you could put up -- pin up your job advertisement -- very basic to when you think of help wanted signs in the window -- this was help wanted signs in the virtual window. But it was very new. And we used to call people on the telephone -- and our telesales organizations and introduce the worldwide web. There’s this really cool new thing called the internet -- and how you could use it in employment. It was truly innovative -- nothing like it existed -- and we used to say it’s the newspaper anyone
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CH15 Monster Green/p. 2 anywhere can read. When we talk about our customers, we’re talking about either job seekers -- people who are looking to advance their career or manage their career long term. We have fantastic products for those customers around benchmarking. You know, what is my path? Where have people gone before? What can someone with my skill sets do for a living -- and then how do
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Unit 9 - Monster_Green_Transcript - Chapter 15 Monster.com...

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